Becoming a pro rider is the dream of more than one kid. But a sports career requires enormous sacrifices, thousands of hours of work, unfailing support from loved ones and, let it be said, a few favors from a good fairy that came over your cradle on the day of your birth. Because of all these elements only a handful of riders can finally break through the industry and find themselves at the heart of the world’s elite. During the French Freestyle Championships, organized this year in Port Camargue as part of a FISE Xperience Series stage, we went to meet the new generation of French champions including Louka Pitot and their coach Seb Garat. We then flew to Brazil, alongside the most proud coach of the moment, Fabio Ingrosso, and his young prodigy world champion Mikaili Sol. Here are the tips and insights of all these gold medal specialists.

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